Alderaan First Mourner

Roberto robert alderaan first mournerbig3k
Roberto robert alderaan first mournercloseup1
Roberto robert alderaan first mournercloseup2
Roberto robert moment 1 alderaan first mourner 90
I'll let you be the judge of this render. A render only father could love. haha
Roberto robert deathstarbridge
This is what the working file looked like in 3d-Coat
Roberto robert alderaan first mournerthumb materials
Process Time wise this was a rush to the finish line.

Alderaans First Mourner. For the ILM Artstation Starwars challenge moment 1 Final always wondered what that moment after Alderaan's destruction was like in that room. Leia's miscalculation as to how monstrous the Empire really was. Working on this one and the next in the middle of selling our condo. So a lot of interruptions for open houses and photographs it was hectic to say the least. As well as work commitments, I lost about 2 days of work on this one with everything going on. Haha. A lot of learning on this one too. I had used 3d coat for 3d before but really figuring out how to get the assets to play together in keyshot was was struggle of grouping things correctly so I could assign materials efficiently in keyshot. Even thought the base render was ugly (I mean look at it) it had all the info I needed to take it further. The next one and all others worked out better. Thanks for ILM and Art Staion for putting this together.