D-wing ILM challenge the Ride

Roberto robert silver squad incoming d wing
Roberto robert d wing backstudy2
Study of the engines since the B-Wing's (inspiration for this one) are so distinct on that one.
Roberto robert 3d coat renders
final Model in 3d-coat took it to Marmoset after this stage.
Roberto robert dwing flat lineexpoloration
Draw over basic 3d base from 3d-coat
Roberto robert dwing vertival lineexpoloration
Draw over basic 3d base 3d-coat
Roberto robert thumb d wing

The ride 1 for ILM challenge. Inspired by the B-wing and Slave 1's Vertical silhouette and A-symitry. Tried to imagine another rebel fighter. Took surprisingly long to figure out how the folding of it's s-foil. And placement of Engines. Late nights with this one.