Bespin Dreadnaught ILM Challenge the Ride

Roberto robert bespindreadnaught2
Roberto robert bespindreadnaughtmodelshots
Painting basic textures in 3d-coat
Roberto robert cloudcar concept thumb

The ride 2 for the ILM challenge. I love that little cloud car on Bespin. It feels very old school while sleek and advanced. So I wanted to do a vehicle inspired by it's industrial design. It's almost like a sky boat. Looking for inspiration I came across Howard huge's Spruce Goose plane. It had a very similar aesthetic. As it was half bout half plane. I tried to combine that aesthetic with a Dreadnought boat from early WW2. I decided because of time to try to paint this one in 3d-coat. It's super rough but gave me enough of a base to take it into Marmoset set up lighting and then throw it to Photoshop to add the folks and background. And a little paint on top of course.
The final is very much inspired by photos of ww2 sailers boarding there battle ship. Start to finish on this one because of life was done in 2 days.